Wednesday, November 15, 2006

And For Our Eddie Velez Fans...

Top to bottom:

1. Eddie Velez as Diego Adult with actress and friend Govindini Murty.

2. Eddie and Cynthia Gibb. (Yes, Diego saw plenty of action in the film).

3 & 4. Eddie rehearses with Cynthia Gibb. You can't see her but she's there.


Blogger TytianaCS said...

Oh, John!!! I am so-oo not mad at you!!! Thank you so much! My holiday started off a little rough with my home PC and I lost every single pic I owned that I didn't have saved to my hard drive! You just made the rest of my year!!

Once again, thank you for keep ing your promise to me and by the way, I posted a link on my site at the beginning of the month. (Nov.) Not that you needed the publicity.

Take care!!


1:03 AM  

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