Monday, January 22, 2007

Sorry About This...

This comment posted earlier:

I was one of the extras, Stephanie Wadlow. I hope my bus scene doesn't get
cut! haha My friend and I are SO anxious to see this and I can't wait to see
what it looks like! Thank you for allowing me to be in this movie, it was a
blast to work on (and I don't mind winning that Ipod in the raffle either ;)
haha Anyway, thank you again!

Have to break it to you now that we did cut this scene. It was for a number of reasons, none of them having anything to do with Stephanie's amazing ability to hang out a bus window and yell, "Loser!"

1. Pacing: It wasn't a scene that moved the story and it pretty much repeated what we already knew about Reggie -- that he's a bit of a schlub. (And yes, schlub's a word. Look it up.)

2. Continuity: Because we shot out of order, Reggie needed to end in a certain place in the scene we shot after to match where he starts chasing the bus. He wasn't anywhere close, so even if we had wanted to use it it would've been difficult. Plus we'd lost so much light at the end of the earlier scene that when Reggie started chasing the bus we'd have to use a chorus singing, "Aaahhhh..." to explain the sudden burst of sunlight.

3. Tone: That's a pretty broad joke that worked great in the script, but seemed out of place in the film, which slowly became subtler and smarter in the editing room. The movie actually opens now with a chamber music and a British guy in a smoking jacket inroducing, "Tewnightz Shewww..." from a library. It's always a different movie in editing.

Unfortunately we cut the scene from the film so early I forgot all about saving it as a deleted scene. It had been out of mind for months and I didn't even think about it until you brought it up. So, I'm afraid it will all have to remain a good memory, but you still may see yourself in some other shots around the bus.

You did a wonderful job and I appreciated you helping us out. If it makes you feel any better I had to cut my niece out as well.

Welcome to show business.


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Blogger hots4hobbits said...

How sad. Way to crush a young girls hopes and dreams. Haha just kidding. I had a lot of fun and I really hope you'll consider me for other extra roles you may have that require my enormous talent to flip people off and yell "Loser" teehee Thank you for this experience :)

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