Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Where We're At....

As of today we're still in post. The picture's with our composer James Covell and I'm acting as Music Supervisor. And as music supervisor I find myself as a director both temperamental and difficult to work with. Right now we're not even speaking to ourselves.

We have a Web Guru who will be creating a website for us soon. He just got the photos and is looking for a server. I have no idea what a "server" is but find our Web Guru's use of words I don't understand reassuring.

As far as a trailer of the film, I don't know when that will be ready. I'm hoping in a few months. We do have a promo trailer that we enjoy watching ourselves. So, I have a trailer to watch. We just have to work on yours. But if you were worried about me not having a trailer to watch, I hope that bit of news has eased your mind.

Best of all is that we're just a few tweaks from locking picture. And after seven months of editing knowing that is like hearing a key turn in a jail cell. Editing was far and away the least enjoyable part of the filmmaking process. I'd rather sit on a razor blade and watch reruns of Thirtysomething.


Blogger Gina said...

Could we maybe see the promo trailer? :-) It would be better than nothing!

8:06 AM  

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