Friday, March 30, 2007

Back On The Set

Well, I'm back on a movie set for the next few nights. However, I'm not directing this time. I'm the assistant director. So, instead of working with the actors, my job now consists badgering the DP to stop tweaking the lights.

There was a group of people who came on board to help make Beautiful Loser when it was just me. Before I had even heard of Sneak Preview. When it was an insane pipe dream. Noah Suchoff was one of them, and he's directing a 25 minute short for a small production company.

After a year, it's fun to be back on set, helping out a friend and only beginning to repay what I owe him. He wrote a good script and knows what he wants as a director. It should be a terrific short.


Blogger Gina said...

Hey, no fair covering half John's face!! Meanie. :-)

Best of luck with the short. What's it about?

11:55 AM  

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