Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Pirates Friday!

Pirates III on friday. Loved the first one. Liked the second one. And they're paying me to go. Got a free popcorn coupon too. *tee hee* Taking the wife. She took the day off. We were gonna go on a trip this long weekend but then looked at the check book. And I thought I had lung cancer.

What's worrying me about Pirates III is that they have to go and find Jack Sparrow. I heard it takes an hour. Johnny Depp is the whole movie. That's gonna be a long hour. Didn't anyone on that film see Jedi? There's a reason they unfroze Han Solo right away.
I'm going to the 8:30 am show. It should be empty, so I can remove my clothes.


Blogger Kristen said...

I actually thought it was done really well.
And they focus a lot on that gypsy woman from the end of the second one, too. Though, since it's saturday you've seen it already. But still.
It was longer than I thought, but other than Elizabeth, who always annoys me, I thought it was pretty good :)

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