Monday, June 04, 2007

Uh, Oh...

On IMDB's movie buzz meter, BL dropped 8% from last week to 6040.

We're doomed... Doomed...

My personal ranking collapsed even further. Maybe that screening didn't go as well as I thought...

The Sopranos:
Hey, are you guys watching The Sopranos? Don't you just love that A.J. has become Tony's worst nightmare? Tony always said he wanted to keep AJ out of the family business, but you know his son becoming a whiney little sniveling punk is the worst possible scenario. I loved how we were led to believe that little sociopath would walk in his father's footsteps only to wind up a basket case all-about-me-crybaby.

Man, I'm gonna miss that show.

Recent reviews:
Knocked Up -- dug it
The Good German -- yeech
The Waitress -- isn't quirky really just irony gone retarded? That being said, I think Keri Russell's going to be a major movie star.
Mission Impossible III -- really dug it.
The Da Vinci Code -- yeechier
This has been a movie reviewing moment...


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