Friday, March 23, 2007

Alejandra Question #2

2) To make it short... what's Beautiful Loser about? Is it based in any real life experience?

I'm worried about giving too much away. Not because it will spoil the movie for the nine people who will read this, but because if I give too much away our producer will pick up a tree and kill me. He could do that, you know. You haven't met him. I've heard stories. So, here's what I feel safe telling you:

Twenty years after high school, three lifelong friends have discovered that life is not what it promised to be. They’ve discovered that decisions made so long ago have resulted in only regret and the longing for a second chance. Reggie refuses to do anything with his life except dream of Tracy, his first love. His only love. Bonnie thinks she has it all together until a chance encounter brings the first man she ever loved back into her life. And Morgan carries the secret. The terrible secret that will bring them all together in ways never imagined.

Over the course of one fateful day, each is forced to deal with their past. Reggie does what he always does: Thinks only of her. Thinks only of an unrequited love that turned a scrappy, funny, charming young man full of youth’s promise into the walking wounded. Bonnie will be forced to decide between fulfilling the promise of a love that might have been and the family she has now. And Morgan learns that his secret from his past will force him to make a terrible choice if he and his beloved wife are to stay together.

Beautiful Loser is about that moment we all have. That moment we make a decision that sets the course for the rest of our lives. We think about that moment a lot. We think about what we would do if given a second chance. Today three lifelong friends will face that moment and be offered that second chance. At a price.

I know that's absurdly melodramatic; that it sounds like the back of a video box in that pathetic section of Blockbuster where they put all the titles they carry only a single copy of: but I keep picturing the tree.

As far as whether or not BL is based on any real events, I'd just like to say that I'm sick of this question, and that the answer is "no." Why does everyone always ask me this? Everyone always asks the same question. Why? Can't someone just tell a story without everyone thinking it's about him? So, let's just put this to bed now, shall we...?

Just because my lead character wakes up hungover in a gorilla cage at the zoo with his pants around his ankles, doesn't mean it happened to me. Why does everyone automatically think that happened to me? Can't I just put something in a story without getting "the looks?" Without the snide comments and whispering behind my back? Do you people think I haven't noticed that? Do you think you're disgusting little gossip has somehow gotten past me? Do you have any idea how humiliating it is to be thought of like that? So, this will be the very last last time I dignify this question: For once and for all, when I woke up in that gorilla cage my pants were no lower than my knees.

Can we all move on now?


Blogger Gina said...

SNORK at the tree . . . and the back of the video box . . . and the gorilla cage!

(Pardon my unladylike way of expressing myself. I think I've been hanging out with the crowd at Dave Barry's blog for too long.)

Video box aside, it sounds like a great movie, just as it always has. Now, if only we could SEE it . . .

But no pressure. :-)~

12:18 PM  
Blogger TytianaCS said...

Well . . . I'm just glad that you summed that all up! If your pants were past your knees (as rumor had it) I would have lost complete respect for ya! LOL!

It's pretty safe to say that you gave a brief but excellent summary of BL without ending up with a mouth full of bark and leaves! ;)

Take care.

10:14 AM  

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