Monday, June 18, 2007

First BL Review... I Think

This was posted today at Indie Film News:


WHAT WE HEAR: The film will be screening for potential distributors beginning May 24th. It is a moving story about a guy who, to the rest of the world, seems like a loser, but whose heart and loyalty makes him the best friend anyone could ever want. A really spiritual bent is given to this touching love story about a group of high school kids whose friendships continue through their adult lives.

WHAT WE THINK: This one deserves a wide audience -- it’s thoughtful, heartfelt and a movie both men and women will enjoy. Great original score & songs, too!

I have no idea who wrote this or where it came from, and I'm not 100% sure this is a legit opinion from someone not associated with the film, but I know I didn't write it. (And I sure do agree with the comment about the score and songs.) They won't all be positive reviews, but running across something like this don't suck.

It's interesting the reviewer mentioned the spiritual aspect of the film. It's a major part of the story but few people who have read the script or seen the film have ever mentioned it. Personally, I think the spiritual angle will be a crucial factor in finding this odd little film's audience. It's not an overt spirituality. We worked hard to present this in a way that can be interpreted as spiritual, symbolic, or psychological. Frankly, I have too much respect for my faith to make an overtly religious film when I'm not a religious scholar.

While spirituality isn't a theme of the film, it is used to explore certain themes. The faith of some of the characters is a driving force in who they are and what they do. Just like in real life. Though I'm a Christian, this is not a "Christian film." It's not about what anyone (including me) believes, it's about what the characters believe -- the way it should be -- and this steers us clear of preachiness (I hate films that preach about anything).

The reason this is a major part of the film is pretty simple: The only thing that has ever piqued any intellectual curiousity in me is my faith. I find exploration of the human condition pretty pointless if there isn't something else out there.

We're holding another screening Thursday. I hear some important folks will be there. Wish us luck.


Blogger Gina said...

Wow, exciting! :-) Thanks for sharing the good news!

As a Christian, I don't like preachy films either, and I'm especially glad to hear you say you don't as a screenwriter and a director. What the world needs, to paraphrase somebody or other (I'm thinking C. S. Lewis or Dorothy Sayers, maybe) is not more Christian films, but more Christians making films. I think you've got just the right angle here.

4:42 AM  
Blogger Annamaria said...

it`s nice to see you talking as Christians :)
C.S. Lewis is my favourite writer. Have you read The Screwtape Letters? simply great!
Can anybody tell me when the film BL will be accessible for those of us from Europe? really looking forward, thanks :)
p.s. hand in my hello to Adam...if possible :)

3:05 PM  
Blogger Snoopy said...

It's great to hear about another screening! Of course I wish you the best of luck.

Nice commentary about the spiritual angle of the film. I'm not a fan of "preachy" films either.

9:07 PM  

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