Saturday, June 09, 2007

Bionic Movie Review

Ocean's 13: The movie's better than the last one (not hard), but nowhere near as good as the first one. 13's a little slow and confusing and you never for a second believe they could pull it off. The one big surprise is that it's the first time I've ever liked George Clooney. He's really relaxed and natural in the film.

For my review, I rewatched the Sinatra one. I love Sinatra, and it's fun to watch all those great actors and personalities together, but the movie really drags for the first hour. And I'm not known as Mr. Sensitive or Mr. Politically Correct, but there's an air woman-bashing in the film. Kind of like The Waitress in reverse. Once the heist begins it picks up and gets better from there, but it's all shot on soundstages and the outdoor shots are small and dark. Of course, Vegas didn't loom in those days to make for big expansive shots, but still...

Sinatra made the film on a lark. He and the Rat Pack would entertain in Vegas all night and then shoot the film during the day; getting little to no sleep and partying too hard. Arguably, there is a lack of pep in the performances, but it's that fifty minute first act that kills it. I would've liked to have seen more Angie Dickinson in the movie, as well. But I say that about movies Angie Dickinson isn't even in.
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