Wednesday, June 06, 2007


So, what have I been discovering since the screening? Well, as I've caught up with the people who worked on the movie over the past week, I've discovered that they're the ones reading this site. I knew a couple did, but not so many. So, now I'm all self-conscious because I thought I was toiling away in anonymity. Now, I'm all freaked out because they now know that at heart I'm a lazy, smart ass, who can't get over himself. And I'm sure at least one of those qualities surprised someone.

So, I need you all to stop reading, or I'm gonna hafta start another blog where I can be myself. Oh, and I was just kidding about all those Glad-Julie's-Working-And-I'm-Not-Posts. That doesn't mean you should tell her about this blog, because she might not get the joke... But that was funny, huh? I mean funny how I acted like I was trying to pretend I liked not working. That whole role play thing...? Funny, right?


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