Thursday, February 08, 2007

It Really Is All About Me

Finally a question about me. No more What about Adam? this... What about John Schneider? that... No, this question's about me -- and it's about time. Because I find myself fascinating. And you would too if you weren't all so star struck.

This one's from Harmony:

this is harmony. i worked with you on casting. it seems like everything is
coming along quite nice. thought i'd say hello and good luck with everything.
have you been writing anything or just working on post production stuff?

Harmony, I remember you. What a great time we had casting with the wonderful Jeff Passero. You did a great job and it was appreciated. Let me know what's new with you. But getting back to me...

Post production business comes and goes in spurts. Now, it's heating up. So, yes, that's keeping me busy. But I have also been writing. I wrote two scripts over the winter. One su-u-u-u-ucks, and I've had it killed. The other is a romantic comedy that's close.

I also have a pitch I'm just starting to take around next week. No one's gonna buy it -- it's not all that good -- but it gets me on the studio lots, and I love getting me on a studio lot. Last week it was Fox, the week before it was Disney, and Tuesday it's Warner Brothers. I'm very excited about Warner Bros. Those are the sidewalks trod on by Errol Flynn, Jimmy Cagney, Bogart, Bette Davis, Bugs Bunny, and Edward G. Robinson. It's the only lot I've yet to see, so it's a big deal. Thankfully, I've perfected my day-at-the-lot ploy.

I always show up at the gate an hour before my appointment so I have plenty of time to creep around the place. Then after the failed pitch meeting, I stay until the security guards start eyeing me and loosening the trigger straps on their holsters.

And please all of you can just save your Bugs Bunny isn't real crap. I saw him at Six Flags just last month. Keep those emails and letters about me coming.


Blogger Gina said...

He most certainly is real! I've known that since I was four!

So, to ask a question about you ;-) . . . do we get to know what your pitch is about?

And who is your favorite classic female movie star? I couldn't possibly guess after that six-foot picture. :-) (I like Bette myself, and my best friend is crazy about her.)

7:57 PM  

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