Monday, April 16, 2007

Letters From Montreal Day 2

Okay, I know what a sound mix is.

You go in a studio where a guy who can't possibly know what all those buttons are for sits in front of a huge console and mixes all your sound together. He mixes score, dialogue, sound effects, and other noises. He mixes them so you don't notice them. He mixes them so they all come together in a way that makes you feel them rather than get taken out of the movie because something sounds off or strange. You go through the scene again and again and again changing the levels of various things until the scene sounds perfect. We got through the first twenty minutes today. Hopefully tomorrow, we'll move a little faster.

Didn't see much of Montreal today. Just what I caught in the cab from the hotel to the studio. There are posters of Madonna all over the place. She advertises all kinds of stuff. Guess the Canadians haven't heard she's a hundred.

I don't like the soap in the hotel. It smells like my old boss, and I didn't like him. Now I smell like my old boss. Canada sucks.


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