Thursday, April 12, 2007

Music. Is. Done. Canada? Maybe.

Score? Done. Songs? Done. Done. Done. Done. That sound you hear is me being unchained from the oar. What a job.

But well worth it. It was a long year of searching and debating and experimenting and frustration, but last night we all left the music editor's office uniformly pleased with the choices.

Sunday I leave for Canada. That is, if I get the passport I applied for 9 weeks ago in time. If it doesn't arrive today, I have to go in tomorrow for a personal appointment and spend another $200 for a second application. Which means that by the time I get back the original passport I applied for nine weeks ago will most likely be in the mail. So, I'll now have two passports and be out $400.

And I will get my money back. Oh, yes, I will. I don't care if the buyer has explosives strapped to his chest. I will get my money back.


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