Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Move Review: Nancy Drew

I confess: I liked it. And thanks to this kid it's certainly the hardest I've laughed at the movies all year, including Knocked Up. His name is Josh Flitter and he's just hilarious. He had the whole theatre cracking up at the smallest thing. What a personality.

He reminded me of the reaction I had to Zac Gardner who's in a movie Laura Breckenridge did called Southern Belles. Throughout most of the movie he just stands by his wading pool acting goofy, but absolutely everything he does was also laugh-out-loud funny.

Nancy Drew was a sweet little entertaining film. I didn't once look at my watch. Now, that's a recommendation... It was also fun to see them shoot some of their scenes at the Hollywood High School where we also stole, er... filmed a scene.


Blogger Gina said...

Good to know, and yes, that's a recommendation. At "Pirates 2" I was looking at my watch every five minutes. The only reason I didn't do the same at "Pirates 3" was that my 1-year-old goddaughter bouncing around the back of the truck (drive-in theater) kept us all entertained.

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