Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Do I Look Like A Producer To You?

I had a very long but very pleasant lunch meeting today with some friends that ended with an offer for me to produce a film for them. It would be a low-budget affair; around $3 million, but it would be a nice chunk of change for 4 months work. I explained to them that I had never produced a film before, but they've read a series of articles I wrote about making Beautiful Loser, know I've been through it, and want someone locked at the hip with them who they like and trust.

It was an unexpected surprise. I've never even considered producing before (but I'd never considered directing either). I told them I'd do it. Why not, right? I didn't come out here to get stuck in a rut. I came out here for new experiences. I'll be in over my head, but it will be an exhilerating over my head. It will be chaos, and crisis , and madness. I can't wait. And what I lack in natural intelligence and experience I can easily make up for with hard work and wily resourcefulness.

A big benefit is that the script's really good. I've read a lot of bad scripts. Not all of them mine. In five years I have only ever read two that were any good. This is one of them. I read it when I was still sick as a dog after returning from Canada, and couldn't put down. It's an action comedy with three female protagonists. Good characters, well-plotted, briskly paced, and a lot of fun.

I suppose the financing could fall through as it often does in these cases. But they're moving forward and he's quit his job, so we'll see.


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