Sunday, July 01, 2007

Heaven on Earth

Want to know what heaven on earth is? It's four days home alone with my wife when we have nowhere to go and nothing to do. And air conditioning.

But first some quick movie reviews:

Sicko -- Very entertaining but quite unpersuasive. I don't argue that our healthcare system is a mess and could use improving, but Moore's only interested in total government control of healthcare and goes on to pretend that the socialized medicine programs in other countries is some kind of utopia. He presents few facts, zero statistics, just a lot anecdotes. My heart breaks for the people whose problems he spotlights -- and our healthcare system letting them slip through is criminal -- but Moore's no more serious about helping them than the insurance companies he goes after.

Live Free Or Die Hard -- Bruce Willis is so good in this role you don't care how silly the story or how wimpy the villain... It's dumb fun brought to you by one of the last true movie stars alive. I'd forgotten what it's like to sit in a theatre and be blown away by charisma and presence. Hasn't happened since Johnny Depp stepped off that sinking boat in the first Pirates.

Evan Almighty -- I know this is getting slagged, and it's far from perfect, but it did entertain me. Wanda Sykes is very funny and who could be better cast as God than Morgan Freeman?

A Mighty Heart -- A mighty bore. A dit-dit police procedure film where you already know the horiffic outcome. We never get to know Daniel Pearl. We don't really even get to know Marianne. The movie has no heart whatsoever, much less a mighty one. Huge disappointment.


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