Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Song From BL

If you'd like to hear a song from the film, you'll find it here at Audra Hardt's MySpace site.

Scroll down a bit and on the left and you'll see where you can hit one of those video prompts for a live performance of "Now and Then." There's a photo of a film cannister on the prompt. I love the way Audra calls me "Nolte" in the clip. It's like high school again.

Audra's a very talented singer/songwriter. I got a CD of her stuff early on, loved it, but there wasn't anything that would work in the film. So, I went to see her play live, heard Now and Then, and pestered her for months to let us use it -- and I can be a pest.
Glad I did. It's a beautiful song.
And take some time to check out the rest of her music. There's great stuff there. She has an amazing voice and something to say in her songs.


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