Friday, June 22, 2007

Second Screening

We had our second screening last night at the AFI. If anything it went better than the first. The audience was a little more subdued, but seemed more into the film. It's always funny to watch how different audiences react to different things. Before being in front of people started to petrify me I did a number of plays in high school and over the course of the performances every crowd reacted entirely different from the next. Strange phenomenon.

The highlight of the night was meeting some of my favorite character actors. Toni Kalem was there. She's probably best known as Big Puss's wife on The Sopranos, but I remember her best from a brilliant underrated little gem called The Wanderers. Simon Callow and Nancy Allen were also there and it was a real treat meeting and talking to them. I'm also happy to report that I might be finally getting my star-struckness somewhat under control.

Afterwards we all went over to Lenny Von Dohlen's place for a nice little get-together. And it was there, Julie and I met Flavia Colgan, a Democrat activist whom we've both always admired on MSNBC. She's just a brilliant woman and a shooting star in the political and television arena -- and rightly so. I'm no fan of political talking heads on either side of the aisle and while I don't always agree with Flavia I've always found her to be extremely articulate and intellectually honest. A real cut-above the other hacks, and just as fascinating in person.

So, another memorable night.


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