Friday, February 23, 2007


Sorry -- all two of you -- for the lite posting. Much busy. But in a good way. Lots going on.

Saw all the movies nominated for best picture this week. Here are my thoughts:

The Departed -- way too many contrivances and coincidences. Jack Nicholson was also too over-the-top. He owns a severed hand, eats flies, and walks around covered in blood and they can't catch him? Loved Mark Wahlberg though.

Little Miss Sunshine -- Another overly contrived script, but the actors are so good and the end so unique and charming I forgave all of that.

Letters From Iwo Jima -- If the WWII Japanese army was this sweet where did Imperial Japan find the psychos for the Bataan Death March and the rape of Nanking? It's too slow in it's pacing, the cinematography is too self-conscious, and we were not the bad guys on Iwo Jima. A little historical context would've gone a long way here.

Babel -- Really good film. Holding those four storylines together is quite a tribute to the filmmakers. Good stories, good acting, great editing. Brad Pitt really rises to the occasion.

The Queen -- Far and away my favorite of the bunch. What a radical idea to make a film that treats an institution like the British Monarchy with some human dimension instead of a one-dimensional target for ridicule or villainy. It tells a lot of story in 97 minutes and Helen Mirren continues to prove she's the best actress working today.

Who I'm Rooting For:

Picture -- The Queen

Screenplay -- The Queen

Actor -- Forrest Whittaker

Actress -- Helen Mirren

Supporting Actor -- Mark Wahlberg

Supporting Actress -- No idea.


Blogger Gina said...

As one who's seen none of the nominated movies, I still think "The Queen" is a good choice. :-) It sounds better than the rest from all I've read, anyhow. I hope to catch it on DVD one of these days.

Was that a joke about supporting actress, or were you serious? :-) I did see "Dreamgirls" and think the tidal wave of support for Jennifer Hudson fully justified.

5:10 PM  

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