Thursday, August 30, 2007


I forwarded your note to Adam.

Sorry, I have nothing to report for the rest of you other than it's 104 degrees here. I know... You're gonna tell me it's at least it's a dry heat. Well, so's an oven.


Blogger Graf said...

I am very grateful to you.
If Adam will answer, send please me on Or let himself will write -- E-mail will come with any from which answer will not be disclosed -- I will promise.
If on electronic address it will not be possible to send, I will be glad to read answer here.

11:09 AM  
Blogger Graf said...

Sorry, I do not know Your name.
I have question to You: it is possible through You to send congratulation for Adam.
At him it is fast birth day.
This will be letter, will contain which several lines from russian admirers.
In this letter all will be in frame those rules, I and You will establish which.
Nothing leaving for these frames will not be there.
This is possible?
If it no, we all are grateful to You for first our letter sent with You.
P. S. You are lucky!
At us In Moscow it is already cold.
; (

11:58 AM  

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