Tuesday, April 22, 2008

UPDATE: Festival Screening

Sorry it's taken so long to update this. My intent was to do so earlier but I forgot my password and username ... again. Then, SUDDENLY it came to me in a flash and so here we are.

The screening went very well. Of 200 films, ours was one of about 20 to sell out and one of the fastest to sell out. The festival directors said that had they programmed it sooner they would've added a screening or two.

The screening itself was most encouraging. A survey was taken afterwards and the film scored very well. 3/4's of the audience liked, and or loved it. There were a number of people very moved. A few women sitting near me were crying when the lights came up.

I was nervous going into the screening -- especially at such a big city festival -- that it would die. It didn't. I'm happy. The producers are happy. The festival directors are happy, and want to help us get it programmed elsewhere.

This festival experience was my first and an awful lot of fun. It was nice to hang out with the producers again, Steven and Scott, and the festival directors took very good care of us; taking us everywhere -- clubs, restaurants, making sure we had a ride wherever we needed. It was first class all the way. It was also exhausting. Some people live that life -- I prefer the visit.

I had most of Saturday afternoon to myself and used the opportunity to play tourist in Philly: I saw the Liberty Bell, Continental Congress, the Betsy Ross house, etc... I love all that corny stuff. To see where this great country of ours began was pretty amazing. To walk where those great men walked, equally so.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Festival Screening **SOLD OUT**

We received this rather surprised email from the Philadelphia Film Festival today:

Morning – just wanted to let you know that the screening for your film Beautiful Loser is sold out. It was kind of unexpected since we do significantly better with international films and American Indies with either stars (like last night with William H. Macy and The Deal) or films with a Philly connection. So it looks – on first glance – you have a film people want to see!

Sure hope it goes well. I won't be there. I'll be across the street getting drunk.

I hate Beautiful Loser. Oh, the movie's fine, it's what the movie does to me. I swear, I'm not even close to a neurotic with anything else in my life. Being a neurotic is an entirely new experience, and I hate it.