Thursday, November 30, 2006


Picture is officially locked. And nothing can change that because the dailies have been blown out of the Final Cut system, so there's no going back.

This last week we've been making minor adjustments but we also put together a number of deleted and extended scenes for any DVD release we might get. Personally, I've yet to see a deleted scene on a DVD that shouldn't have been -- and these are no exception -- but extras are nice to have and the work by the actors deserves to be out there even if my script was a tad windy. We also cut a blooper reel that won't be on the DVD but everyone who worked on the picture will hopefully find fun if there's a cast and crew screening.

Our composer informs me he is working on themes this week and our webmaster has a prototype up and running.

I've gotten a lot of emails and inquiries about a trailer. And I want you to know I'm still very much enjoying the one we made for ourselves. It's great. Very evocative and bittersweet. But I have no updates on a trailer for you to watch. But I'll keep you up-to-date on how much I'm enjoying mine.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Top to bottom: Adam between takes; Edwin Hodge whose ad-libs were funnier than my script; My niece Samantha who did a terrific job in a part I had to cut. My family swears they're not pissed but I'm not buying the whole, "No really, we canceled Thanksgiving," thing;
Giancarlo Carmona as Diego Teenage; Caker Folley and Blair Wingo between takes.

Where We're At....

As of today we're still in post. The picture's with our composer James Covell and I'm acting as Music Supervisor. And as music supervisor I find myself as a director both temperamental and difficult to work with. Right now we're not even speaking to ourselves.

We have a Web Guru who will be creating a website for us soon. He just got the photos and is looking for a server. I have no idea what a "server" is but find our Web Guru's use of words I don't understand reassuring.

As far as a trailer of the film, I don't know when that will be ready. I'm hoping in a few months. We do have a promo trailer that we enjoy watching ourselves. So, I have a trailer to watch. We just have to work on yours. But if you were worried about me not having a trailer to watch, I hope that bit of news has eased your mind.

Best of all is that we're just a few tweaks from locking picture. And after seven months of editing knowing that is like hearing a key turn in a jail cell. Editing was far and away the least enjoyable part of the filmmaking process. I'd rather sit on a razor blade and watch reruns of Thirtysomething.

Top to Bottom: 1. Caker Folley and that Million Dollar Smile; 2. Singing star Taylor Dayne as "Sharon Dolan," Reggie's boss and chief nemesis besides his own neurosis; 3. Blair Wingo as Dennice Teenage exhibiting that star presence... ; 4. Laura Breckenridge as Tracy. That's Adam in the bg.

5. Adam always had time for his fans. And there were many. It was like hanging out with Elvis, except Adam never bought me a Cadillac. We shot a scene at this fair and he was swamped by young girls. After a late and long shoot he graciously signed every autograph, posed for every picture, and made their day.

Misc Photos...

Top to bottom: 1. Braeden Lemasters as "Jake." A teriffic young actor you've seen on House and E.R.; 2. Lenny Von Dohlen as Reggie Adult and Cynthia Gibb as Bonnie Adult. Now two of my favorite people; 3. Lenny and William Katt; 4. William Katt as Father Hume; 5. Clockwise: Caker Folley, Giancarlo Carmona (Diego Teen), Edwin Hodge, and Adam.

And For Our John Schneider Fans...

Top to bottom:

1. John as "Andre" with Cynthia Gibb and Lenny Von Dohlen.

Ever after John would call our film, "Long Day At A Cold Picnic Table." He's a funny guy, that John. So, funny I cut him out of the scene. Who's laughing now, Mr. Funnyman?

2. John between takes.

3. John and Cynthia Gibb play husband and wife. So, what's she doing with Diego in those other pictures? That's gonna cost you ten bucks to find out. Just send it to my PayPal account and I'll email the dope.

4. John between takes.

And For Our Eddie Velez Fans...

Top to bottom:

1. Eddie Velez as Diego Adult with actress and friend Govindini Murty.

2. Eddie and Cynthia Gibb. (Yes, Diego saw plenty of action in the film).

3 & 4. Eddie rehearses with Cynthia Gibb. You can't see her but she's there.

The Much Awaited, Much Anticipated Adam Lamberg Photos

From top to Bottom:

1. Adam as Reggie Teenage and Laura Breckenridge as Tracy, the love of Reggie's wasted life.

2. Adam and Laura.

3. Adam between takes.

4. Adam and Laura bravely act as though it's Summer on a cold day.

5. Adam, Caker Folley, Blair Wingo, and Edwin Hodge (The best cast a first-time director could ask for).

More to come...